On trend - 80's graphic design

The 80s always comes back in fashion. Although we normally are referring to clothing when we say this. Whilst we haven’t found much to document the design industries awareness of this trend beyond the increasing prevalence on Pinterest and Blogging platforms of “retro design” and “arcade style graphics” image collections. We believe that 80s type and design is making a BIG comeback and that there will be a lot more to come this summer and in 2014. If we take a little look at Google Image for “80s typography” the design no longer looks dated, does it? New examples of campaigns influenced by geometry, neon colourings and handwritten lettering are popping up all the time. A recent notable example would be the artwork for Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky”.

What does this mean for business in Australia? Where longevity is a requirement of a design or campaign we do not recommend following trends. This is because when the fad is out, your design becomes old hat with it, requiring constant changing (think of Microsoft’s ever changing logo). However in terms of products and events with short life cycles or for temporary advertising campaigns it can definitely be worth jumping on the bandwagon at least when the trend is in its infancy. It can be a way to inject fun and life into your brand giving it a feel of being “fresh” and “the next big thing” and if this atmosphere appeals to your target market then you have a strong selling tool. Have a talk to your designer today!